Mastercraft tyres courser CXT
Mastercraft Tyres Courser CXT
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Confidence. No matter where. The Courser® CXT is a premium traction tyre that provides trusted all-terrain performance with enhanced off-road durability.

  • Large surface-area tread blocks provide increased grip on- and off-road while improving wear performance.
  • Rubber on the road is optimized to provide rough terrain traction and enhance highway driving comfort and feel.
  • Shoulder design increases off-road traction with side traction blocks.
  • Scallops provide a “mud-scoop” effect for dependable off-road traction.
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Why Choose Mastercraft?

Why Choose Us Award Winning Brand

The Professional's Choice

Every tyre company has great technology, safety, and features. But very few have the trust, the relationships, and the reputation to be the one professional’s rely on. The more you know about tyres, the more likely you own Mastercraft®. We are the tyre people’s tyre.

Why Choose Us Value

The Value Choice

Mastercraft’s value doesn’t mean cheap. It means you feel like you uncovered something no one else knows. Mastercraft embodies the characteristics of the greatest tyre in the world. We just happen to go about quietly delivering excellence day after day and year after year.

Mastercraft Tires Peoples Choice

The People's Choice

Mastercraft is a brand owned and backed by Cooper Tires. Therefore, these are not lightweights. These are built for everyday performance. Created for tough conditions, and made to keep you safe and in control.

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